A blog about stews.
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A blog about stews.

This is the repository for the Stewquest.com site, it contains the recipes, pages and everything to build the site.

Made with Cobalt the static-site generator written in Rust.


index.liquid - Supposedly the main page, but the actual main page is in "_layouts/default.liquid" blank.liquid - A blank page. No idea why. search.liquid - The search page, it has its own special scripts and voodoo magic. todo.liquid - The stew list. This list should go into "_data/stews.yaml" someday.


_bin/ - A place for deployment script, (pipelines are glorified cron jobs). _data/ - Where the lists of all things go. From a list of stews to config files, all in YAML. _defaults/ - _drafts/ - _includes/ - _layouts/ - assets/ - - assets/images/ - - assets/js/ - - assets/style/ - status/ - stew/ -