A revival page for composing a Geek Code. https://code.patxipierce.com/geek-code
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A revival page for composing a Geek Code v3.12 like this one!

Version: 3.1
GAT d- s+:+ a(-----) C+++$ UL++++ P L+++ E- W+++ N- o? K W O? M- V? PS++ PE--$ Y+ PGP++ t++ 5++ X- R+ !tv b+++ DI++ D++ G++@ !e h?>++ r++ y++

The original Geek Code was invented by Robert A. Hayden in 1993. More info on that here.

Besides generating the geek code, in this page we have:

  • State control
  • Pure CSS theme controls
  • JS dependant style injection
  • Elegant Non-JS fallbacks
  • CSS responsiveness without media queries

Compose your own here.