Patxi Pierce pxi

An assortment of bash scripts to perform various tasks.

Updated 1 day ago

A blog about stews.

Updated 3 days ago

A collection of dotfiles so I dont have to configure every goddamned thing.

Updated 1 week ago

A fantasy and sci-fi collection of strings to run with RaSyEn.

Updated 1 month ago

A place to place puppeteer scripts to fill in my hours for me.

Updated 3 months ago

A collection of ASCII art.

Updated 4 months ago

An experiment to evaluate which rolling system gets higher results.

Updated 4 months ago

Searches for job links in a given webpage.

Updated 5 months ago

A bash script that changes the desktop background every x amount of hours. And can detect climate conditions, to match the weather.

Updated 10 months ago


Updated 1 year ago

A svg collection of ducks.

Updated 1 year ago

An in-progress Rust exercise book that can be found here:

Updated 1 year ago

Know thyself - γνῶθι σεαυτόν - Nosce te ipsum

Updated 1 year ago

A collection of home-made minecraft blocks made in SVG.

Updated 1 year ago

A place to put examples of the FFS scripts.

Updated 1 year ago